Our concept

Our concept

Welcome to Fuku-bi, where dance meets coolness in every graceful step. Founded by  Mayumi Yamaguchi, former first soloist of the Royal Swedish Ballet, our brand combines sophistication, style, and a touch of rebellion in dancewear. 

The concept of fuku-bi stands in the meaning of the Japanese words fuku and bi. Fuku can mean both clothes and happiness. Bi is simply beauty.

At Fuku-bi, coolness transcends mere aesthetics; it’s a state of mind. Our fabrics embrace dancers like a second skin, enabling fluid motion while reflecting a modern edge, all inspired by the ethos of Fuku-bi. Uniting tradition with contemporary allure, we pay homage to dance’s rich heritage while celebrating its evolution.

With every stitch and seam, Fuku-bi redefines dancewear, infusing the essence of the concept into our creations. Mayumi Yamaguchi’s artistic journey infuses our pieces with a touch of audacity and a dash of rebellion, reflecting the very spirit of Fuku-bi. 

Join us in embracing the extraordinary. Elevate your style, ignite your passion, and become part of the Fuku-bi movement today.